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thatīs meIn 2001 i have started to travel to tropical countries and islands and thought about creating specialized online travel guides. And so I did.

I am very passionate about traveling to tropical destinations. The warm climate, the exotic foods and the gorgeous landscapes and beaches, this is what I love. And my hobbies of taking photos and videos and creating websites are matching with traveling perfectly.

My aim is to provide actual and good travel informations and help travellers planning their trips. You as my valued visitor should profit from my informations the same as from the option to book your trip (flights and accommodations) right here on my sites for the best prices.

In case, my provided information is not sufficient or unclear, you may take the chance to contact me by email for free advise and support.

But I am not a traditional travel agency, and so I can not organize your trip or make bookings on behalf of you. I encourage everybody to do the online booking by yourself. It is easy, simple, and safe !

All given information is costless and by best means and truth, as far as I do my best on it. There is no way to make me responsible for any information, that is wrong due to changes and updates, that I am not aware of. It is not possibe for me to have uptodate informations on all my travel guides. So I would be glad, if you inform me about news, updates or faults.

VietnamIf you have questions about your trip, I may help you with some suggestions and advise on locations, hotels or weather. Just ask me !

I am financing my work by advertisings and hotel bookings and I appreciate your support. My commision will be paid by the hotel booking company, not by you as the guest. I am always interested to offer the best and cheapest booking companies with the biggest choice to you as my ‘costumer’.

A little reminder: free and high quality internet information is only possible when financing the work by providing advertising or sponsored links. I would like to ask all users to not block ads and support the provider by booking online via the given links or visit the advertisers websites. Thank you.

Kind regards and thank you for visiting my sites.


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